April, 2006 class activities. These second-year art students are participating in INTO THE FUTURE ... a collaborative digital art project with art students at National Chengchi University [Taipei, Taiwan] ... and they are seen along with Visiting Lecturer, Tom R. Chambers discussing their concepts for the project. Chambers' translator, Shan Shan [Gina] is seen to his right.







This project is a collaboration between students in China and Taiwan under the instruction of Tom R. Chambers at Zhaoqing University (Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China) and John Labadie at National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan).


"According to the World Future Society [http://www.wfs.org/], the future doesn't just happen. People create it through their action ... or inaction ... today. And by studying the future, people can better anticipate what lies ahead. They can actively decide how to live in the future by making choices today and realizing the consequences of their decisions.

Opportunity as well as difficulty lies ahead, and it seems that the above students from both institutions ... Zhaoqing University and National Chengchi University ... have visually made their farsighted decisions. No one knows exactly what will happen in the future, but most of these digital considerations are an attempt to rationalize a desirable future through achievement. Within most of the works, there's a good sense of awareness of the rapidly changing world and its effect on values, attitudes and beliefs. And this fast pace of making it difficult to prepare for tomorrow is also inherent in many of the pieces.

The digital art ranges from negativism/skepticism to optimism. There seems to be more of a collective concern regarding the environment and technology within the works by the Zhaoqing University art students whereas some of the works by the National Chengchi University art students border on lightheartedness. There is a degree of intellect that seems to be more apparent within a few of the works by the National Chengchi Univerity art students but generally, both groups of students seem to be on equal standing in terms of artistic skill and application."

Tom R. Chambers
Visiting Lecturer, Digital/New Media Art
Fine Arts Department
Zhaoqing University
Zhaoqing, China