New media work exhibited under the namesake of RED by Zhaoqing University art students (Ye Yao Jie, Qiu Yi Hui, Wei Shan, Zhong Xiao Qi, Qiu Li Tao) is seen through the entrance way of B Hall at the Today Art Gallery (Beijing) in above photo.  The frontispiece for the 2005 IDAA Traveling Exhibition (Main Hall) is seen to the right. 
The above photo shows a closer view of the LCD monitors.  The monitor to the far left shows a Pixelscape by Tom R. Chambers, Visiting Lecturer in Digital/New Media Art at Zhaoqing University.  Chambers, an IDAA Executive Committee Member, helped bring the 2005 IDAA Traveling Exhibition to Beijing under the auspices of the Beijing Film Academy (BFA), and this joint exhibition with BFA and invited Chinese digital artists is Zhaoqing University's first involvement with digital exhibition at this prestigious level.

Ye Yao Jie - 1

Qui Yi Hui - 2

Wei Shan - 3

Zhong Xiao Qi - 4

Qiu Li Tao - 5
The above closeups show moments from the students' Flash projects about the color, RED.  Project number four comprises an interactive website.  In China, red is everywhere and one of the two official colors on the Chinese flag (the other being yellow). It is deep-rooted in their culture. For the Chinese, red represents the sun, the phoenix, fire, summer, the south, joy, good fortune and happiness. It is the luckiest of all colors. Bright red envelopes are used to present gifts of money in China. On the Chinese stage, a character with a red face is a sacred person. It is used in wedding ceremonies, and it has been used during revolutions. It's identified with Communism [Socialist red], and it was associated with political vehicles such as the 'Red Guards' during the Cultural Revolution. And Mao Zedong is sometimes referred to as a 'red sun'.
Play movie to the left for a kinetic view and overview of B Hall exhibition space.

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