This exhibition is a culmination of students at Zhaoqing University (Zhaoqing, China) working to explore moment.

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Luo Jing Ping

He Qiao Zuo

Ke Yu

Yan Jun Long

Guo Jin

Chen Mao Li

Cai An Fei

Tang Yun

Li Xue Hong

Yao Zhi Jun

Cai Jing Hua

Liang Xiu Qi

Chen Jian Cheng

Liang Wan Xia

Xiao Zhi Chao

Liang Guan Xian

Feng Yan Jun

Wang Qiz Huang

Liang Gui Ling

Tan Guo Liang

Wu Mei

Liu Jia Qi

Guo Zeng Wei

Liang Zhuo Si

Lin Can Keng

Xian Tian Hua

Zhou Yun Na

Zhau Xiu Mei

Mo Wen Ran

Wang Liang

Guang Ze Feng

Bai Ying

Chen Wen Xian

Deng Yong

Lin Hai Yun

Wu Qing Min

Cen Dan

Huang Er Na

Xu Kai Yan

Lin Hai

Zeng Zhao Wen

Mo Shao Yin

Huang Ruo Fei

This project is under the instruction of Tom R. Chambers at Zhaoqing University (Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China).

According to Webster []:

1. A minute portion of time; a point of time; an instant; as, at that very moment.
2. Impulsive power; force; momentum.
3. Importance, as in influence or effect; consequence; weight or value; consideration.
4. An essential element; a deciding point, fact, or consideration; an essential or influential circumstance.
5. (Math.) An infinitesimal change in a varying quantity; an increment or decrement.
6. (Mech.) Tendency, or measure of tendency, to produce motion, esp. motion about a fixed point or axis.

[Related words: a breath, abundant year, academic year, accent, advantage, annum, ascendancy, authority, avail, bissextile year, bit, breath, breathing, calendar month, calendar year, century, charisma, charm, clout, common year, compulsion, concern, concernment, consequentiality, consideration, control, coup, crack, credit, day, decade, decennary, decennium, defective year, dominance, domination, drive, driving force, effect, eminence, emphasis, enchantment, esteem, excellence, fateful moment, favor, fiscal year, force, fortnight, good feeling, greatness, half a jiffy, half a mo, half a second, half a shake, high order, high rank, hold, hour, impellent, impelling force, impetus, import, impulse, impulsion, incentive, incidental power, incitement, influence, influentiality, influentialness, insinuation, interest, interval, irresistible force, jiff, juncture, kairos, leadership, leap year, leverage, little, little bit, little while, lunar month, lunar year, lunation, luster, lustrum, magnetism, magnitude, man-hour, mark, mastery, materiality, merit, microsecond, millennium, millisecond, minute, moment of truth, momentousness, momentum, month, moon, motive power, no time, note, pair of winks, paramountcy, period, personality, persuasion, pith, point, potency, power, precedence, predominance, preeminence, pregnant moment, preponderance, pressure, prestige, primacy, priority, profit, prominence, propulsion, psychological moment, purchase, quarter, quinquennium, rank, regular year, reign, repute, rule, say, season, sec, second, self-importance, semester, seniority, seriousness, session, shake, short spell, short time, sidereal year, significance, signification, small space, solar year, space, span, spell, split second, spurt, stage, stature, stress, stretch, stroke, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, sun, superiority, supremacy, sway, term, thrust, tick, time, time lag, trice, trimester, twelvemonth, twink, twinkle, twitch, two shakes, upper hand, use, value, week, weekday, weight, weightiness, while, whip hand, wink, worth, year.]


"These third-year design majors took 'moment' in hand to produce digital collage [combining many images from varying sources into one image] and integrated digital art [mixed media of the digital art world combining any number of techniques (filters) to achieve unique results] at a fairly sophisticated level. Most of Webster's definitions and many of the related words' meanings are conveyed within the imagery."

Tom R. Chambers
Visiting Lecturer, Digital/New Media Art
Fine Arts Department
Zhaoqing University
Zhaoqing, China

Review by JD Jarvis [Artist and Art Critic]:

Congratulations to you and your students for the excellent display entitled "Moment". First of all, let me say how much I enjoy your horizontal scrolling method for viewing the work. It makes it much more like visiting a gallery and strolling past the work. I am encouraged to go back and forth between images and revisit the ones I find most interesting. It makes comparison of the images quick and because of the ease with which I can go to related images, much more complete and very satisfying.

Please pass on to your students that I am very impressed with their work, each piece reveals a very high degree of professionalism and thoughtfulness combined with solid techniques. In my humble opinion I found the works of Luo Jing Ping, Ke Yu and Liang Xiu Qi to best match my sense of the word "moment". Luo Jing Ping's work reminds me of the "event horizon" at the edge of a black hole where matter and time collapses into a single point. Ke Yu has captured the Surrealist sense of time with some classic, as well as, fresh symbols for time. And, Liang Xiu Qi's work shows how, through our memory, one moment can contain and be constructed from many moments.

Thanks for sharing the fine work you and your students are doing.