This online exhibition is a result of the first photography class for these Freshman art students at Zhaoqing University [China], and it comprises a great deal of field documentation in various locations. The focus is on fine art photography with classroom discussion on composition ... foreground-background interest, lightplay-shadowplay, juxtaposition, angularity, camera position, perspective, shape/form ... using the students', Tom R. Chambers' [Instructor's] and Master photographers' photographs. Photoshop is used to acquire skills in resizing, cropping and enhancement via filters such as sharpen and brightness/contrast. An important aspect of the class is exposure to the environs to become more aware of and have greater appreciation for the surroundings through their "mind's eye". Click on the thumbnail images for larger versions.

Cai Fang
Cen Ying Jin
Gong Yan Bin
Huang Chun Juan
Li Tian
Li Zhao Yan
Liang Bao Yi
Liu Fang
Luo Ju
Qi Yuan Yi
Qiu Fei
Shi Huai
Si Xue Qin
Su Yi
Zeng Xiao Li
Zhang Duan
Zheng Jie
Zhou Fan
Zhou Jie Wen

Tom R. Chambers
Visiting Lecturer
Digital/New Media Art and Digital Photography
Fine Arts Department
Zhaoqing University
Zhaoqing, China