This project is a collaboration between students in China and America under the instruction of Tom R. Chambers at Zhaoqing University (Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China) and Kathleen Ruiz at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York, U.S.A.).

The students at each institution explore the use of Flash to tell a personal story. Click on the links below to view/read their experiences [Note: To be able to understand most of the Zhaoqing University students' stories, you'll have to translate the Chinese language.][Note: Please allow loading time for the Flash movies.]:

Zhaoqing University

Cen Ying Jin

Chen Cai Yun

Chen Hua Ming

Chen Jie Ling

Chen Li Ping

Chen Si Qin

Chen Wen Yi

Deng Bei Lei

Feng Yan Ling

Guo Lu Hou

He Jing Ya

Zhaoqing University

Huang Chun Juan

Huang Ting

Huang Zhao Sheng

Jian Shi Ting

Li Teng Fei

Liang Jia Ying

Liang Yan Ting

Liang Ye Zeng

Liu Fang

Liu Fu Jian Wen

Liu Geng Xiong

Zhaoqing University

Lu De Chang

Luo Ju

Qi Yuan Yi

Su Yi

Wang Lin Qiong

Wu Shi Xin

Xu Min

Yuan Rui Ying

Zheng Jie

Zhou Fan

Zhou Xue Juan

Polytechnic Institute

Zac Autio

Cory Bowers

Travis Carless

Darren Domingos

Corey Fukuchi

Jessica Giles

Daniel Glavin

Aracelis Gonzalez

Elyse Holladay

Wendy Koponen

Polytechnic Institute

Leith MacDonald

Richard Morris

Jamel Mosely

Angela Nakkula

Rory Perner

Joshua Ricamara

Trevor Sayre

Jeffrey Sult

Hoi Ling Tung

Joel Turcotte

The Zhaoqing University students are Freshman [Grade 1] art majors, and this is their first exposure to working with Flash. Their Flash stories ... concepts and mechanics ... are more than adequate and generally creative with an innocence that bespeaks today's youth in China, at least for these first-year students coming straight from the protected environment of "home" and the primary/secondary education system. China's one-child policy leans towards overprotection by the parents which in turn leads to an inwardness and lack of exposure to societal mores for the child/student.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students are mostly first- and second-year students coming from a variety of disciplines which include art, computer science, engineering, information technology, cognitive science and other areas. According to Professor Ruiz, "For most of the students this is their first encounter with working with Flash. The range of personal stories reflect the ethnic and socio-cultural diversity of the United States."

This process is a beginning for these students to get more involved with Flash production, and it sensitizes them to sequential thinking, generating storyboards and performing tasks as a producer/director in creating a multilayered project.

Go to FLASH STORIES Web page at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Go to the NET STORIES project that many of the above Chinese students participated in as a collaboration with students in America at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.